E-TEC® Antistatic, Dissipative and Conductive Compounds

The E-TEC® brand has been created to provide speciality compounds formulated for applications where varying degrees of permanent electrical conductivity are required.

Such products find use in areas where accumulations of static electrical charges can potentially cause problems. Based on dispersions of conductive carbon black the E-TEC® range is available as standard in the following polymers:

  • Polystyrene - offers good definition and lower shrinkage
  • Polycarbonate/ABS - for applications requiring high strength
  • Polypropylene - good balance between rigidity and toughness
  • Polyamide - ideal for higher operating temperatures
  • Polyethylene - suggested for film extrusion down to 75 micron

Also available are compounds incorporating colourless additives designed to impart permanent antistatic properties.